Thursday, June 21, 2012

Destination Disney - Disney in White

When I think WHITE and Disney... what comes to mind?

Disney Towel Art

After a long day in the hot parks, what's more fun to come back to than some Disney Towel Art?!  I enjoy it so much that I actually get a little disappointed when I don't find some.  I know, I know, Mousekeeping isn't required to leave me those adorable little animals in the bathroom or iconic Mickey heads on my bed, but I sure to love it when they do!

Wanna know something cool about your towel animals?  You can take them home with you!!  You're actually encouraged to!  That has got to be one of the coolest Disney souvenirs e-v-e-r!

Not staying on propery but still want a towel animal?  If you visit the Polynesian Resort early (before noon) and go just inside the main entrance you'll find a Cast Member making Hawaiian leis with a small table set aside for children to join in and make their own.  Some days you can also find a Cast Member making towel animals here!  No, really!  Stop by and watch, maybe you'll even get to take one home!

Enjoy some of the creations that have been left for me.

Wasn't that fun?!  Why don't you join in on the discussion. 

Disney in BLACK    Disney in RED    Disney in YELLOW
Be sure to check back next week and find out what DISNEY thing the color TURQUOISE / TEAL makes me think of.

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  1. Super towel art pictures! Thanks for playing this week!

  2. What Disney hotel is pictured?

  3. @Rachel, the towel animals were at the Caribbean Beach Resort, the Mickey's were at the Polynesian.