Thursday, May 3, 2012

Destination Disney - 4 Favorite Souvenirs

We all buy souvenirs in Disney World.  Some for others, some for ourselves.  I mean, who couldn't buy *something* for themselves with all those wonderful little shops scattered about?  Though I do like buying for others, and myself, the last few visits have been about what we can buy the kids... and how the heck we're going to fit it all in our suitcases!

Let's shop!

 4.  Magnets

This is something we buy for ourselves on every single trip we make to WDW.  It's our little "family" souvenir.  Something we can all see, daily, hanging right there on our fridge.  We like the clippy ones, as they're the most practical, but the only requirement.. they MUST be dated.  We've got a pretty good collection, though I'd never argue making it bigger!  Plus, they fit very nicely in said luggage.  ;)
3.  Ride Photos 

We're suckers for the ride photos!  As soon as we see them, we can't walk away empty handed.  Leaving them behind is like leaving one of our precious Disney World memories behind.  The looks on the faces are always priceless.  Shock.  Surprise.  Excitement.  Like I said, precious Disney memories.  Another plus, sometimes the other riders expressions are even better than our own!

2.  Mickey Ears

Mine are oldies, from my first trip to The World back in 1987.  Hubby's are from our honeymoon in 1997.  The kids, before they even knew who Mickey was.  Yes, my kids first hats were those with ears, to no one's surprise.  All were bought in the parks and they all have our names on them.  Stephen's were even used on his 3rd birthday party invitations.

 1.  My Disney Bear

No, not Duffy, as he is known now.  Mine is just called a "Disney Bear".  Sure, it's Duffy, but I bought mine before he was called "Duffy".  He's soft, cuddly, adorable and PURPLE!  As soon as I saw him on that hot September day in 2003 (which was also my 30th birthday!), I had to have him!  His cute little Mickey feet, the adorable story behind him and, did I mention, he's PURPLE!  My absolute favorite Walt Disney World souvenir.  Ever.
And Make Room in the Suitcase for... trading!  We've never done it before but I've got a small collection going so that when we visit again this summer the kids and I can get started.  Problem is, I love them all!  I don't want to trade.  Think people will just give me theirs?  ;)

And be sure to check back next week for our family's 3 Favorite Resorts


  1. People MIGHT give you their pins if you cry enough. My Ian has scored a few that way. Or there was also the time when he just said he simply couldn't part with any of his Cars pins, and a kind CM gave him one anyway!

    Great list - love the purple Duffy!

  2. I love your Disney Bear and the photo of your family's ear hats. That was a really cute idea to put your son's on his birthday invitation. :)