Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disney's Tangled Themed Movie Night

We'll be enjoying our first family trip to Walt Disney World in May.  To pass the time, we're having a Disney movie night every week until we leave.  We celebrated today's release of Tangled with our first movie night.

the centerpiece
Love this!  And it was pretty simple to make.  The tutorial can be found here Disney Family.com

the craft
Also found on the Disney Family.com website, a 3D Pascal.  The kids each colored one and I cut them out and glued them together.

Going along with our Tangled theme, we had angel HAIR pasta, a loaf of BRAIDED bread and Pascal peppers (mostly green, some red) with ranch dressing.  Another great meal idea... Hazelnut soup!  It's Rapunzel's favorite.  Soup is, however, not a favorite around or house, which is why we went with the pasta.

For dessert we had gorgeous "boats on water".  Reminiscent of that pivotal trip Flynn and Rapunzel took to see the glowing lanterns gleam.  The water is blue jell-o, the boats, orange slices.  I got this great idea from Supermom Moments.  Another great dessert idea, blondies, one of Flynn's nicknames for Rapunzel.  Or anything with apples, since they're Maximus' favorite treat.

Flynn's wanted posters where all over.  I just couldn't get his nose right though.

Over the TV, I placed a "baby" picture of Rapunzel, with a tiara I'd purchased at the dollar store.  The tiara was going to be used for a "hide the tiara" game, but it was a school night and the movie ended a little too late. 

Draped over the TV is a braid made of yarn.  I decroated it with flowers, just as the little girls did in the town square.

On either side of the TV (as well as over the dinner table), I hung paper lanterns.  I got these from Disney Family.com as well.

Not pictured, is the town's Sun Banner.  I got the template from Supermom Moments.

movie snacks
The kids loaded up on their movie snacks, errr, pub snacks, here.

Feel free to use my Snuggly Duckling sign.

And, just because I like it....
Our lanterns, and their lanterns.  *swoon*