Monday, May 5, 2014

Lion King Safari Baby Shower

Looking to throw a Lion King baby shower?  Well, Hakuna Matata.  No worries.  You'll find lots of inspiration, ideas (and free printables!) here.

Feel free to my invitation layout.  Add your own text to make it all your own.

Include, with your invitation, a diaper raffle ticket.  Ask guests bring a package of diapers for Mom & Baby and raffle a prize for those that do. 
I wrapped a box in themed paper and used it for the tickets.  For prizes we had a fruit basket and BaByQ Grill kit.  I got the zebra print box at Hobby Lobby.  We supplied extra tickets for those that forgot theirs.

 For a guest book we used a hard cover copy of the Lion King.

The gift table was decorated with kraft paper vines and a "welcome baby" banner available FOR FREE over at the Disney Baby website.

The vines were made by twisting strips from a roll of kraft paper, then attaching cardstock leaves.  leaf.svg   leaf.png

Mommy and Daddy-To-Be got fancy chairs to sit in while opening their gifts.

The guest tables were each decorated with animal print table runners (8' tablecloths cut into strips) and a small diaper cake topped with Lion King characters and animal print balloons.
 Guests enjoyed fruit from under our pineapple palm tree.  A PVC tube, attached to a piece of plywood, was covered with corded pineapples.  The top pineapple was garnished with artificial palm leaves.

Behind the main food table I'd cut silhouettes from the famous Simba presentation scene from The Lion King.  They were placed over orange paper I'd purchased in a large roll.

The larger items, the rock, tree and sunset, were cut by hand.  The animals were cut with my Cricut.

Feel free to save the images to cut by hand or download the .svg file below the image.

Zebra.svg                                        Zebra2.svg
 Giraffe2.svg                                         Giraffe.svg

Elephant.svg                                  Elephants.svg
Birds.svg                                                                             Rafiki.svg
Little Debbie Zebra Cakes on lollipop sticks.


Hershey Hugs melted on pretzels, topped with orange M&Ms.  Animal crackers with frosting dip.

Cheese popcorn in animal print paper cones.  The animal print paper was purchased from Oriental Trading.  Visit Wiki How to learn how to make your own cones.


For favors, everyone got boxes of animal crackers with cute Simba tags and colorful ribbons.  The  3"x3"x3" acrylic boxes were purchased on eBay
Favor label
 The adorable cake was made by a local bakery.

And this adorable diaper cake was made by me.

Got a couple extra minutes?  I'd love for you to be one of my "100 people surveyed"!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Walking Dead Party

My besty cousin's birthday and the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on the *very* same day?  Inconceivable! (Anyone?  Anyone?)  We must celebrate!
No, really, we dressed up and we did goooood!  Those with weak dispositions towards yucky zombies, be warned.

Just look at this place!  Doesn't it ROCK!?

Let's take a closer look.....

I covered the doors with paper, spray painted just as the cafeteria doors in the hospital look in the pilot episode.  Plastic chains (dug out of my Halloween d├ęcor) "locked" the doors to keep the "dead" inside.  The hands were cut with my Cricut.
More of those hands were coming from my fireplace which was "boarded" up with cardboard strips wrapped in faux wood paper The mantel was dedicated to those we've lost over the years.  Note, the family photos have been removed from the frames on the wall.  Must have been taken by the family that abandoned this house.  *wink*

On the TV we watched a loop of the CDC's MRI.  Test Subject 19 looks to be getting into the celebration.

The windows on either side were protected with more "boards"....

....and being breached by more zombie hands!

Zombie Eats

This *is* a birthday party so we must have cake and candles... wait, is that a candle?  You may remember those "Dynamite" candles from my Goonies Backyard Movie Night I got them from Party SwizzleThe axes, from Etsy seller SugarFoxShop

These fantastic cupcake liners are available to print for FREE over at Birthday ExpressThe inspiration for the cupcakes came from Annie's Eats.

Look at the "yucky" (YUMMY!!) "brain" (cherry pie) filled inside...

To drink we enjoyed toxic liquid, of some sort.  It tasted a lot like white grape juice.  *wink* 
I cut the biohazard symbols out of vinyl with my Cricut.

We also enjoyed Rice Krispie Treats, colored red to resemble braaaiiinnnnssss....

 Speaking of braaaiiinnnnssss....

This classic shrimp cocktail hors d'oeuvre gets a gruesome makeover, thanks to Martha Stewart And it was a HUGE hit.  Zombies do love their braaaiiinnnnnnssss..... (and it was really delicious!)

Also, on the menu, 7-layer taco graveyard and Violets in dirt.  Chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos topped with gummy pigs.
Mmmm... eyeballs.  Thanks to Dabbled.

Goody Bags!  Errr... Survival Kits.

 These FABULOUS survival kits were inspired by one I saw on

Each survival kit had a flashlight, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, bottled drinking water, Top Roman and a Twinkie (of course!).

Our Cast of Characters
*though fake, and 100% makeup, some of these are still graphic*



We hope you had a scary good time....