Sunday, October 24, 2010

Superhero Birthday

Just like most boys his age, Stephen loooooves superheroes.  So naturally, he chose to have a super hero party for his 5th birthday.

the invitation
Printing on regular copy paper gave this invitation a more authentic newspaper feel.  Be sure to "age" the page with our photo editing software first though!  Here's a blank version of the Daily Planet for your use.

If you'd like to use the happy birthday comic found on the bottom of this invitation, click here.  I've added it without a name so you can add your own!  Enjoy!

Stephen was so proud of this invitation and his depiction of the Man of Steel.  He studied the original image of Christopher Reeve very carefully before posing.

the cake
Two layered cake, cookie "buildings" and plastic Wolverine claws coming up through the center.

the decorations

 Red, blue and yellow were the colors of the day.  The fun comic terminology made for fun decor as well.  Bam!  Pow!  Zap!  signs hung above the table and made up part of the placemat collection.  Secret identities were safe with the masks and capes that hung from the back of each chair, graciously made by a dear friend of mine.  Superhero themed candy filled the jars on the table.

The food table added to the decor.

the food
Guests enjoyed a Super Hero Sandwich, Fantastic Four Food Groups (cheese, crackers, pepperoni and grape platter), The Penguin's Breakfast (Goldfish crackers), Peanut Butter Bat-wiches (sandwiches cut with a bat shaped cookie cutter), Daredevil-ed Eggs, Green Goblin Guacamole & The Human Torch Spicy Salsa (w/ tortilla chips), Superman's X-Ray Vision Carrots, Capt America's Fruit Kabobs and Catwoman's Claws (Bugles).  I made the food tags shaped like conversation bubbles and taped them to some of Stephen's little superhero figurines.

the favors 
Guests were treated to a Candy Bar as a thank you for joining us.  The "building" in the center is made up of multiple 3" squared boxes.  Each guest filled a box with their favorites from this selection of red, blue and yellow candy.  Not only was it a yummy treat, but added lots to the decor of the party.

the game
As the invitation warns, Dr. Doom did make an appearance at the party!  Luckily we were all armed with our Spidey-Shot!  I bought cans of Silly String at our local Dollar Tree and made custom labels for them.  The kids had the best time chasing Dr. Doom down!

Add Spidey Shot labels to your Silly String!  Image available here.

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Superhero Paintings

Pirates are out, superheroes are in!  Time to update the bedroom decor, I guess.  =)


Wanna' see more of my blog?  Click "Older Posts" below.