Monday, June 25, 2012

Disney's Meet the Robinsons Movie Night

We watched one of my favorites tonight!  Disney's Meet the Robinsons.  Funny, sweet, touching.  Disney at its finest.

keep moving forward

For deocrations I made a Carl head with the fantastic "Keep Moving Forward" quote popping out.  The signs were made with my Cricut.  Carl's head is scrapbook paper.  I used a piece of floral foam inside to stand the flags up.

On either side of Carl, I made Memory Scanners (also made on my Cricut).  One for each of the kiddos, and each has one of their favorite memories from our last visit to Walt Disney World.  Stephen at the Pirates League, Sami with Cinderella after getting a "princessed" at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

bake them cookies, lucille

We dined on Art's Intergalactic Pizza, Lewis' Fruit Hat Salad, Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies, Bowler Hats, Gummy Frankies and Goob's Juice Boxes.


For a tutorial on making these great bolwer hats, please click here.

Art's Intergalactic Pizza box top is available here.  It fits a small pizza box best if you print one half at a time.

My food tags are available for use, here.  Enjoy!

The kids wore their Lewis hair and glasses with pride!  Both were made on my Cricut.  Later they traded their Lewis alter-ego's and became Bowler Hat Guy (and Girl)!

 behold, the awesome power of... mount vesuvius

For tonight's activity, I bought these volcanos at Michaels.  They were $3 each.  You add water and the volcano "erupts", disolving away to reveal...

i have a big head, and little arms...

The dinos then stayed put, in the water for 3 days and grew to the size of the container.  But 3 days?!  Phew... I'm not sure how well that plan was thought through.

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