Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disney Dinosaur Movie Night

This was our "biggest" movie night yet!  Here come the iguanodons!  Make room for the brachiosaurus!  Watch out for the carnotaurs!!  It's Dinosaur time!  

herbivores, carnivores and sweet-ivores, enjoy!

For the decor, I started with some dry wood that was down next to our wood stove.  I drilled some holes in them and filled the holes with ferns from our yard. I found some big rocks in our yard as well, which made great add-ons!  I love the broken one with moss growing on it!  I then fill in with the kids toy dinosaurs. Over the table I hung a couple meteors made out of scrap booking paper.

For dinner, we enjoyed pterodactyl (chicken) wings, dinosaur nuggets, meteorites (tater tots) and herbivore salad.

Our movie snacks included, dino dig snack mix (candy rocks and yogurt covered pretzels, because they look like dino bones!), Cocoa Puff treat volcanoes, deviled dino eggs, dino claws, fossil cookies and a dinosaur watermelon.

We washed all the yummy food down with Aladar's Water.  Of course.  If you'd like to print these labels for yourself, you can find them here.

craft time

I got the kids some dinosaur hats at the dollar store, so we finished off the "outfit" with tonight's craft.  Foam dino feet!  The inspiration for these came from this pin on Pinterest.  I cut holes in foam sheets for their feet to fit through, then tips for the toe nails to go on.  The toe nails were adhesive-backed white foam sheets, cut into triangles.  The only problem we had with them is that they wouldn't stay straight.  I think a strip of double sided tape that stuck to their socks would have helped.

For the rest of the night, it was a whole bunch of ROARING!!

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