Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Destination Disney - Disney in Yellow

When I think YELLOW and Disney... what comes to mind?

Here are a few of my favorite (yellow) things....

Rapunzel's tresses.  Belle' and Snow White's dresses.  3D glasses for our eyes.  Sci-Fi Dine In rides.  Candles that sing.  Brooms that clean things.  Who knew The World had so much of this lovely golden hue.

I'm totally a corn ball today, huh?  I must be getting giddy because our WDW trip is only 13 days away!  Yay!  (ok, I'm done)


Wasn't that fun?!  Why don't you join in on the discussion. 

Disney in BLACK    Disney in RED


  1. Love your yellow pics!! And you're right--those 3D glasses definitely fit the bill!

  2. great list and awesome rhyme! :)

  3. Wow - awesome thoughts on the color yellow. Love it! And just think --- you'll soon have all new color pictures to share!

  4. Love your Sci Fi car photo! I thought of that too but my car was red! Love your photos! :)