Monday, June 25, 2012

Bowler Hat Snack Tutorial

The perfect little snack for our Meet the Robinsons movie night, sure.  But they could also work well for your 007 movie night, or your Sherlock Holmes movie night.  Laurel & Hardy.  Charlie Chaplin.  This bowler hat is quite diverse.

You'll need:

Oreos (not necessarily Double Stuf, we just prefer them that way)
Chocolate donut holes
Black icing with small round tip

Carefully divide the Oreos and remove the creme filling.  Dispose of, how you wish.  This is where having Double Stuf Oreos is an extra pleasure!

Each hat requires 1/2 an Oreo and a whole donut hole.

Using a knife, gently scrape away any left over creme on the Oreo so that the base to your hat is as black as possible.

Cut off a small amount of the donut holes so that they sit flat.  Don't cut too much, you still want them to sit high but not roll away or buckle inward when they're sitting on the base. 

Put a small bit of black frosting on the Oreo to hold the donut in place.

 Once stacked, pipe a small line of black frosting around the base of the donut hole.

I found that leaving the donuts in a Ziplock bag overnight, darkened up the glaze making them not look so "shiny".The donut in the front here was in a Ziplock overnight, the one right behind it wasn't.  See the difference?


  1. Perfect for my sons mustache/bowler hat first birthday party! Thanks!!

  2. To make them more accurate to Meet the Robinsons, some purple icing instead of black will give it that "ribbon" look from the film.