Monday, April 20, 2009

Mermaid Birthday

For Samantha's 1st birthday, we chose a Mermaid theme.  Her favorite toy was this little fish bowl so we decided... fish = ocean + little girl = MERMAID!  <3  Like how I came to that?  ;)

the invitation

12 black and white photos, one from each month of her first year.  2 color photos from our very first Mommy/Daughter photo shoot.  <3 

the birthday outfit

I made this tutu by hand using the colors I planned to use for the party.  Purple, dark blue and dark green.

I ordered this adorable bloomer/onesie set online.  I added some purple ribbon to it and came up with this final product.

the cake
My first "wow!" cake!  Again, my sister helped me with this cake.  It was the first time either of us had ever used fondant, so it was definitely a learning experience for us both.  The decorations are made from fondant, royal icing and melted chocolate.  The "sand" is brown sugar.  And the gorgeous topper...

...was purchased on Esty from Tina of clayinaround.  I love it so much, I've used her more than once!

the decorations

Purple, green and blue streamers symbolized the "waves".  I added some pink streamers to my light fixture to give it a "jelly fish" look.  I decorated a large box with brown paper and draped it with plastic jewels to look like a treasure chest.  This is where the guests put Sami's gifts.

I made a "photo op" submarine out of yellow poster board.

Balloons made a great touch, everywhere!  Note the "seaweed" around the treasure chest.

"Fish" and "bubbles".

Even an "octopus"!

the favors

At Christmas time, I'd bought some of those M&M tubes when they went on clearance.  I saved the empty tubes for Sami's party favors.  Each had a tissue flower on top and were filled with Gummy Aqua Life.

I used some of the photos I'd taken of Sami during our first Mommy/Daughter photo session to make her a keepsake frame and had guests sign it.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bakerella's Spring Chickens

Easter Sunday's coming so I tried my hand at Bakerella's Spring Chicken cake pops today.   *swoon*

You'll find a link to Bakerella's web site on the right.  You should give it a visit!

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