Thursday, July 19, 2012

Destination Disney - Disney in Orange

When I think ORANGE and Disney... what comes to mind?

Lions,Tiggers & Bears, Oh My!

Years and years ago I bought this adorable shirt at Disney's Animal Kingdom with a lion and a bear on either side of Tigger.  It read "Lions, Tiggers & Bears, Oh My!".  Cute, right?!  Being a Wizard of Oz fan and Disney fan, it was one of my very favorite possessions.  It started to fade from its crazy-multiple washes, but I didn't care.  When it got stained though, I set out to buy a new one, only to find that I couldn't.  Disney no longer carried it.  Sad face.  Now it's been replaced with that one of Pooh with the magnifying glass, inches from a tiger, asking "Tigger, is that you?".  Yes, still cute, but just not the same.

I still have it (as you can see!), maybe I'll try one of my Pinterest-stain-removal-methods on it.  I knew I kept it for a reason!  Sure, I'd have to also use some of my Pinterest-weight-loss-methods to actually wear it, but hey, that's a whole other issue. *wink*

Anywho... back to the topic at hand.  ORANGE!  Tiggers.  Tigers.  That's what comes to mind when I think... orange and Disney.

Wasn't that fun?!  Why don't you join in on the discussion. 

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  1. Wow - what a great shirt! When my daughter Gracie was 4 1/2 (she's 12 now) she used her money to buy that sweatshirt with Pooh w/ the magnifying glass, that you mentioned above. My son wears it now. I love it!

    But the one you had was super cute too! Maybe you could have it put in a quilt or something. Or frame it!