Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Christmas Story themed Christmas Party

Last year we celebrated Christmas Eve with Buddy the Elf, this year we celebrate with Ralphie, and A Christmas Story.

One snowy day after school, I triple-dog-dared my 8 year old to stick his tongue to the flagpole, he said "No way, Mom!".  This lady ain't rasin' no fool!  Instead I took the photo over here... while he pretended to stick his tongue on the pole over there... all whilst the 5 year old pretended to be shocked by the whole thing.  Viola!  Our Christmas Eve invitation was born.  Layout was inspired by this one.


Ralphie's little brother may not have eaten voluntarily in over three years, but no one had to be forced to eat tonight!  Check out the yummy (and themed!) food we enjoyed!

Red chocolate bars of "soap".  Melted Wilton red candy melts poured into soap molds.
And super yummy Ovaltine Cookies!  Recipe found here.
The kids had a bunch of fun with the bars of chocolate "soap".  Luckily, no soap poisoning here.
Triple dogs!  Hillshire Farms 'Lil Smokies, slow cooked in a mixture of grape jelly and chili sauce for a couple hours, and skewered (in groups of three, of course!).  And mini "meatloaf, smeatloaf, double-beatloaf".  These delicious little bites were made in my mini muffin tin and topped with ketchup and mashed potato "frosting".  So gooood.  Err, I mean "I hate meatloaf".

Rice Krispie Treats, drizzled with red, green and white chocolate.  Each has a "handle" that I stamped with "fa ra ra ra ra".  And glasses sugar cookies with their eyes "shot out".  I got the great cookie cutter from etsy seller Almost Necessities.
Black Sixlet "BBs".  The little BB containers are actually glitter bottles.  The bottle labels are available for free download at the bottom of this page.

Ooohh ffuuudge!!!
 Much like the Parker family, we dined on Chinese food rather then dumb ol' turkey.  I can't blame Bumbuses dogs though... the time crunch was my foe.  Note the be-headed "duck".  (It's actually a rubber chicken with it's head and feet cut off.  Ssshhh!)  The lanterns came from here.  The gold tree and pail were found in the "Dollar Spot" at Target.  The gold platters, also Target.
 The, I mean "THE" lamp, is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond during the holiday season. If you're looking for it off-season, you can still purchase it here or here.  And, for reference, this one is the 20" desktop size.
The backdrop is meant to look like the window the lamp sits in at the Parker's.  It's made from a sheet of poster board and draped in a curtain.  The wooden crate is from Michaels and I stenciled it with "fra-gee-lay"... only I spelt it correctly.
signage free for all!

You can find LOTS more ideas for your Christmas Story party on my Pinterest board.


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