Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome back, Waldo, our Elf on the Shelf

Heeeee's baaack!  Our favorite elf, Waldo, joined us again for the 2013 holiday season.  Much like last year, he was a bit of a trouble maker, which the kids loved.

They couldn't wait for Waldo's return, so Thanksgiving night, they made him a card asking when he'd be joining us for the holidays.  To their surprise, he was sitting on our mantle the very next morning.


Waldo's an artist!  The next night we found an autographed original on our refrigerator.



Just like last year, Waldo wrote the kids a good-bye letter on his last night, with permission from Santa to give him hugs and kisses (hence the kiss(es) booth).  He also brought them brand new Christmas pajamas.

After their good-bye's, they made Waldo a card and set it beside him.  Before bed, they noticed he'd climbed right in and made himself comfortable.
Until next year, friend.

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