Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Holiday Family Feud

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to be part of my "Top 100 People Surveyed" for a Holiday Family Feud game.  I'll ask some questions, you give me your top answer for each.  One answer per question!  Sounds easy enough, right?  The tough part, getting 100 people to help me out in 4 months.  So, after you leave your comment, please share this page with your friends!

1.  Name a gift likely found in a Christmas stocking.

2.  Name a popular holiday movie.

3.  Name a popular holiday song.

4.  Name a gift a parent may have to build on Christmas Eve.

5.  Name your favorite wintertime activity.

6.  Name something at the top of a woman's holiday gift list.

7.  Name something associated with Will Farrell's holiday movie, "Elf".

8.  Name a favorite holiday tradition.

9.  Name something you wanted from Santa, as a child.

10.  Name a favorite holiday food.

11.  Name a word or phrase that begins with "snow".

12.  Name something you need to wrap gifts.

13.  Name something you'd wear outdoors when it snows.

14.  Name something at the North Pole.

15.  Name a holiday TV special.

16.  Name something at the top of a man's holiday gift list.

17.  Name something in a holiday parade.

18.  Name something kids do on a snow day.

19.  Name one of Santa's reindeer.

20.  Name something a Santa costume would include.

21.  Name a piece of the nativity set.

22.  Name something people do on Christmas day.

23.  What is a popular Christmas tree topper?

24.  Name a color associated with Christmas.

25.  Name something you'd see on your neighbor's front lawn at Christmas.

Now, put your answers right in that comment box below.  No need to copy the question, just number your answers as you go.  And remember, please share with your friends!

I'm keeping the answers to myself, until I have all 100.  Don't want you to be swayed when you answer.  Once I have all that I need, I'll post the comments I've received.

Thanks!  And Merry Christmas (in August)!


  1. did you ever get answers to these questions.. id love to use these questions for my family party

  2. As of today, I've only gotten 14 replies. I need 100. :(