Saturday, May 12, 2012

Disney's Aladdin Movie Night

Movie night number two, during our countdown to Walt Disney World, was Aladdin.  This is one of my very favorite Disney movies so planning this night was like a wish come true.  Pun intended! 

The kids put on their Abu hats and sat down to dinner.

dinner time

For dinner we enjoyed Ali Ababawa kebobs, couscous, Jafar's "so twisted" fries, "stolen" bread and butter and Genie juice (blue Kool-aid).  The Genie lamp in my centerpiece can be found at any party/costume shop and it runs about $5.  The "magic carpet" table runner I have is actually a Pashmina scarf I found at my local AC Moore craft store.  I got that for $5 as well.

Their beards are so twisted!

movie time
For dessert and movie snacks we had baklava, Raja cookies (sugar cookies with chocolate icing stripes), minaret meringues (meringues with a yellow M&M on top), Cave of Wonder delights (gold foiled candy), Abu's mini monkey bread, Iago's cracker snack mix (Cheez-It snack mix), Jasmine's gems (Ring Pops) and hummus & pitas.  Something I didn't make, but would have been a good addition was date & pistachio bars.

I made Jasmine's palace by cutting scrapbooking paper into columns and ovals, then filling in with purple here and there.



craft time

For our craft, we made magic carpets from felt.  I cut fringes on the ends and they decorated them with puff paint.

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  1. Wow! This is so creative! We're going to do this soon! xo