Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

25 days with Waldo, our Elf on the Shelf
Our bestie elf, Waldo, paid us a visit again this year and unlike last year when he was a well behaved elf, he was a trouble-maker this year!  Must have gotten more comfortable in his surroundings.  Take a look.

Last night the kids sent their letters to Santa, via Waldo.  This morning, he had a letter for them from Santa, thanking them.  The letterhead can be found here.  Santa's signature to add to the bottom, here.
 Today Waldo came with another letter from Santa.  This one told us that Waldo wanted to bring the kids a gift, since they were being so good.  He brought Magic Elf Seeds (cookie decorations).  When planted in some sugar, they'd grow into a surprise overnight.  So, the kids excitedly planted them before bed and woke to find....
 ...yummy cookie pops had grown from the seeds while they slept!
I used the same letterhead and signature as before.  This is the letter I drew inspiration from.
And, on his last night with us, Waldo left a letter saying his good-byes and thank yous (and sorrys for any messes he made).  He also told the kids that Santa gave them permission to give him hugs and kisses goodbye.  The letter I used came from here.  It was very sweet and the kids were amazed that they got to touch Waldo.
They were pretty sad to see him go, so I think we'll be getting a little letter from his this summer, just to keep in touch.  Such a great idea from The Princess and the Tot.

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