Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dora the Explorer Cake Tutorial

I drawing an idea of how I wanted the cake to look, I layed out the cupcakes.  I marked each with a colored toothpick to indicate where the "grass", "river" and "road" would go.

First I frosted the "river" in white, later I sprayed it with Wilton Color Mist.  I then began laying out the "grass" sections.  Note how I blended them together on top.

Then built the "road", since it was in the center, so I could build outward and avoid messing up the frosting.  I coated the "road" in brown sugar to give it a dirt look.

 I then added the remaining "grass" areas.
 I made a little bridge out of fondant to cross the "river".  I cut a piece of cardboard to the size I wanted, rolled it until it held the curved shape then topped it with fondant "boards".  I placed that across the river and then used the Wilton Grass Tip to pipe frosting into the spaces where the frosting wasn't blended.

Little "bushes" were added here and there.  Then I started placing figurines.

The final product.  The "SAMI" stars are made of fondant.  The rocks are candy, as are the little flowers placed around in the grass.

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  1. I used these steps and made the cake for my daughter. She was so happy and we got a "we're the BESTEST parents EVER" approval from her. Thanks for the help!!!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I've been eyeing it for a month now and just made it last night for my daughter's third birthday party today! It turned out great!