Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pirate Birthday

As Stephen's 4th birthday was approaching, his interests turned to pirates.  So, of course, the birthday party planning did as well.

the invitation
The gorgeous invitation was handmade by Megan Hedge of Pink Press Designs.  They felt so authentic and I just loved them!  You know, because I know what an authentic treasure map feels like.  *wink*

the birthday outfit
The shirt was homemade (my first attempt at sewing clothing!).  It was quite simple actually, since pirate garb is meant to look sloppy.  LOL  The accessories all came from Oriental Trading.

the cake
 Covered in mainly fondant, this cake took me 10 hours to make!  Those little boards we incredibly time-consuming!  I was thrilled with the final product though!  Made from sheet cakes cut and layer into the boats body, then covered from stem to stern in little brown "fondant boards".  The masts were wooden dowels, also covered in fondant.  The sails, fondant again, painted with watered down black food coloring.  The only things not made of fondant are the pirate flag (printed on regular paper, taped to a toothpick and stuffed into the fondant), the "cannons" (peanut butter cups) and the pirate and treasure.

This adorable set was made by Tina over at clayinaround.  She does the best work and is incredible nice!

the decorations
The decorations consisted mostly of red and black and a bunch of Jolly Roger flags.  This sign was from a local party store.  I separated the "happy" and "birthday" and added my own "4th" and "stephen" below.  Simply printed the letters on plain paper and cut the ends to look ratty like pirate flags.

For the perfect photo-op, I purchased this door banner from Oriental Trading.

Most of the decorating was on the food table.

the food

For lunch, our guests enjoyed, Parrot Wings (bbq and "fire in the hole" buffalo wings), Walk the Plank (cream cheese & peanut butter filled celery sticks), Shiver Me Timbers (pretzel sticks), Sea Dogs (Lil' Smokies), Polly Want a Cracker (cheese & crackers), Cannon Balls (peanut butter balls dipped in black colored white chocolate), Treasure Chests (pizza rolls), Shark Bait (shrimp cocktail), Chips Ahoy Mates (Chips Ahoy cookies), and Silver and Gold Bricks (Hershey Nuggets).  I used cocktail "swords" to hold all of the food signs in place.  Covered the table in red and black tablecloths, as well as some Jolly Roger fabric.  Costume jewelry and tarnished silver looked like treasure and Halloween decorations (the skeleton parts) finished off this fantastic look!

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