Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sew Sweet Lalaloopsy Birthday

These adorable "rag dolls" are my Sami's favorite little toys.  Her collection started on her 3rd birthday with an original Blossom Flowerpot, but has now grown into double, possible triple, digits.  We incorporated many of them, and their "buttons", into her 5th birthday party this year.

the invitation
 The inviation is made of 3 layers of card stock.  A paterned layer (measuring 5.25" square), a solid layer and the printed layer.  Buttons in the corners, yarn hair and bows were glued on after the layers were double-sided taped together.  I've seen a few of these sorts of Lalaloopsy inviations online.  One that inspired mine was from my sweet little family.
 the cake
 How gorgeous is *this* cake?!  I found a tutorial for the petal design at Bird on a Cake.  She's right, it's easier than it looks!  Not that I want to downgrade all the hard work I put into it.  *wink* 

I also made cupcakes to go along with the cake, since they can be easier to serve (and easier for little hands to eat!).

To add the swirl-color effect to the frosting, I added the food coloring to the edges of the piping bag, then added white frosting.  As you pipe, the color incorporates.
These adorable Lala toppers came from etsy seller Party in a Box.

the food

 Table skirt, inspired by this photo on Catch My Party.  The button are trees made from actual tree limbs, felt and buttons. I got my inspiration for these from this photo on Pinterest. Sorry to say that it has no credit linked, so if you who made them, let me know! I'd be happy to give credit where credit's due!
  (L) Pinwheel sandwiches. (R) Chocolate button pops were made using molds from Fancy Flours.  The yarn on the jars was inspired by this party, over on Catch My Party.
Balls of yarn used to decorate the table were actually foam balls with yarn wrapped around them. I got this idea from the Cute as a Button party over at Kiss Me Kate.

 Spool Cake Pops. Fantastic tutorial by Pure Joy Events
I cut quilt patterned scrapbooking paper to line these 5oz cups before filling them with treats.  These have white chocolate covered pretzels.  The liners were cut using my Cricut.  This is the svg file: Cup Liner.  Or the jpg file for those cutting by hand: Cup Liner.
 Button number frames, inspired by Style Me Pretty.  Be sure to add the paper, then glue the buttons on if using these top-loading frames.

The holes in the button sugar cookies were added after the cookies baked.  Poke holes in them with a straw while they're still warm.

 These 5oz tumblers are filled with Cupcake Puppy Chow.
I just loved how And Everything Sweet decorated their water bottles with fabric for this baby shower. I was inspired to do the same, only I replaced the pin with a button, of course!  In addition to water, we enjoyed strawberry milk and Golden Wedding Punch.


This adorable Pin the Bow on Crumbs Sugar Cookies game is available to purchase from etsy seller One Love Designs.  For prizes the kids got Lalaloopsy coloring books I'd found at Dollar Tree.
"Decorate your own Crown with Jewel Sparkles"
Paper crowns on headbands, decorated with glitter glue pens.
Jewel Sign                            Crown Template
"Make a Hat with Pete R. Canfly"
Green posterboard, red feathers. (elastics and tape optional)
Pete Sign                             Hat Directions

 "Make an Eye Patch with Patch Treasurechest"
Black eye patches, assorted stickers
"Sewing Cards with Blossom Flowerpot"
I got some adorable sewing cards from etsy seller Lemon Tree Studio.  Those, yarn and child safe needles made up this fun activity spot.
Hanging over the gift table.
What boys do at a Lalaloopsy party. *wink*
 Happy 5th birthday to my little princess!!
These are only some of the great Lalaloopsy party ideas I found online.  I couldn't possiblly use all of them.  If you'd like to see more, please visit My Pinterest page.


  1. Your party looks fabulous! I am currently planning one for my soon to be four year old. I was curious, how did you secure the fabric around the water bottles? I would love to use the idea, but our party is outdoors so I was wanting to put them on ice and was trying to decide the best method so they wouldn't come off easily when wet.

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

    1. Thanks! I used a hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the bottle. I didn't get them wet though, so I don't know how well it'd hold up on ice.

  2. I love all your party ideas! I was wondering where you got the printed layer of the invitation. Did you create it yourself or order it?

    1. Thank you. The top, printed layer was made by me.