Saturday, January 7, 2012

Valentine's Day

Here are some do-it-yourself Valentine's your kiddoes can take to school.

the force is strong with you, valentine
Make these great Star Wars Valentines with glow bracelet "light sabers".

Print the Valentines on photo paper (for best quality) or white cardstock.  You can print them from here: Star Wars Valentines.  Once dry, cut the Valentines out.  Using an Exacto knife, cut 1" slits above the hands where the "light sabers" will go.  The slit has to be large so the glow bracelet slides in without bending.  Put a connector on the end of each glow bracelet, then slide them carefully into the slits from behind the Valentine.  Place a piece of tape on the back holding the glow bracelet in place.

my heart's all aflutter
These adorable Valentines are availble for printing from Skip To My Lou.  While printing, add goggle eye to the lollipops.  Once the Valentine's are printed, cut out and add 2 slits to slide the lollipop through.  You can then decorate the butterfly, we added heart shaped stickers to ours.  Once finished, add the pop and bend the wings upwards.

you make my heart race
Print our Valentines from here: Chocolate Car Valentines (or make up some of your own) on pink and red cardstock, making sure to leave room for the tire tracks.  For our tracks, I found the Hot Wheel with the chunkiest tires my son had.  We put a little black paint on a paper plate and ran the tires through it.  Practice on a plain peice of paper, or even the edge of  your paper plate so you see how much paint you need to make just the right tracks.  Once the paint dries, attach your chocolate foil cars.  We used glue dots.

you and lollipops
Take a photo of your child, pretending to hold a giant lollipop.  Using the photo, make a 4"x6" card with a Valentine's greeting.  Once the cards are printed and dried, use and exacto knife to cut slits in the top and bottom of your childs hand and slide the stick of the lollipop through them.

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