Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peanut Butter Sushi Tutorial

Kids love when food is fun.  And this is fun.  Plus, no "special" ingredients required.  We Mom's love that.

 You'll need bread (1 slice makes 2 rolls), peanut butter and a rolling pin (or soup can, or even your peanut butter jar!).

 Trim the crusts off your bread.  Use your rolling pin and flatten out the bread.

Flat bread.  Doesn't really look any different, does it?  lol

Spread peanut butter on the flattened bread.

Roll 'em up.

 Slice 'em up.  Cut each roll in half.

You may need to trim a little off the outer edges so they stand straight.

Your finished product.  Yummy!  And, fun!

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